Work In Progress Wednesday!

So here we are it is WEDNESDAY! As a teacher I am so excited for today because we had a three day weekend which means we have a shorter work week! It is exciting because even though we are two days into the work week I know we only have two days left for the week. I have been thinking about Valentines day and want to make something that can be placed in my ETSY shop! I am loving the sweet 3D hearts to place on hair clips. These are just big enough to make a statement but not too big to take over a child’s whole head. I am so excited to list this and see if  they sell. These are for sure going to a few people I know with little girls! As far as my knitting projects they are still on the needles. I have not finished or started any new projects. I was really motivated to get one of the larger projects done but then got an uneasy feeling that the person with whom the gift was going to would be ungrateful for all the hard work, time and effort I have put into the piece. Once I am up to it again it will get done and who knows maybe it wont even go to the original owner I had planned on!


Soon on ETSY!
Soon on ETSY!

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