Words of Encouragement???

Sad Words


I had a very interesting day yesterday. I have so many feeling s about what happened that I felt I needed to write a post!

You’re not good enough!

You are going to amount to nothing!

You are a failure!

How do people go through life hearing these words!?

How do people even allow these words to come out of their mouth!?

I am a teacher. I tend to believe that I have a very positive “can do” attitude. NO ONE is DUMB. NO ONE CAN’T. They just might just need to ask for help after trying. How do people or adults expect high schooler’s (children) to do what is asked of them, if all they hear are words in which break them down. I love my job and I try to stay positive when I am around the students. I wish sometimes that they would truly understand how much I care. At times I question about how much I give. After today I know there will NEVER be enough to give. How many times can you tell a student that they are valued? Never enough! I feel like so many students are just lacking the confidence in what they are capable of achieving. I am trying so hard to make a change. I know that it needs to be more then me. The whole village of teachers needs to continue to lift up students with encouraging words when needed. I wish more people would see how students are impacted on a more personal level.

All I can do after today is pray for the student that sparked this feeling in me. I am so grateful for what and how I was raised. I feel bad for the circumstances that are at home. I cannot change what happens but I can plant a positive seed in this student. If you are a believer if you would just add this student to your prayer list. I pray that the fire will be lit within the student and they will have the motivation and drive to do good and please themselves and not others.

Love and Peace.

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  1. What a powerful message! As a mother I can never imagine saying those words to any child let alone my own. It breaks my heart knowing people talk to other people like that especially their children. I will be praying for your student and for your continued strength to do what you do everyday! You are a blessing to those kids!

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