“What Students Really Need to Hear”

Be sure to watch the following video if you are a student, teacher or parent!

I found this video on another teacher’s blog at the beginning of this school year. I found it at just the right time. My students were giving up, stating I was being too hard on them and asking why I care. I played this video for them and they were all in awe! One of my students actually asked “Do you really stay up late at night?” I then responded that I don’t have sleepless nights but what happens in the classroom does effect my the remainder of my day. I received this video in two different emails today so thought I should share with my bloggers about this amazing video and what really students are saying about it. After watching the video I had my students respond to the video about what they felt.

Here are some of their responses:

  • teachers do care about their students and don’t hate them
  • teachers want students to move up and become excellent and smart students
  • good to know that teachers care that much about us
  • school isn’t just about learning it’s about the struggle of life and having to deal with it
  • this video is like a wake up call
  • it isn’t about homework and classwork and exams or even midterms its saying don’t give up on yourself
  • try your hardest instead of giving up or quitting
  • it inspires me to act like a man and take everything serious
  • the video made me feel that there are people looking out for me
  • every time I take the easy way out i am distroying my future
  • this video motivates you to do better and try harder
  • you should never quit because the world just keeps moving with or without you
  • students should always fight to do there best and to never give up

Here is one students reaction to the video:

I am one of these kids. I am a kid that doesn’t do anything but somethings I do do, but most of the things I dont care about. I didn’t try that hard in middle school or 9 grade because I really didn’t care about school,  but now I see what will happen and I need to pick it up and try. I will be one of thoughs people that try and that succseed in life.

Hope you enjoyed some of the students responses to this AMAZING video and message!

Peace and Love

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