December 22nd: Countdown2Xmas

Be sure not to miss out on Ashley from Taylors4You, Reindeer Food (Free Printable).


Add a little magic to your Christmas with reindeer food for your kids to make.

Be sure to check out Cathy from three kids and a fish, Chocolate Covered Cracker Tree.

chocolate treeBe sure to make this sweet, salty and chocolate covered treat for your friends and family that are coming over this Christmas. 

Be sure to check out Valerie from Occasionally Crafty, Holiday Travel Activities.

Planes Printable Travel Activities

Get free printable’s for your young kiddos! Enjoy fun activities to keep them busy while on a plane or in the car this holiday season.

Love and Peace

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December 21st: Countdown2Xmas

Be sure not to miss out on Breanna from Faith n’ Coffee, Christmas Cocoa and Letters to Santa.


Every year we put the Christmas Cocoa in the pot and sit down to write our letters to Santa. We hope you will try our cocoa!

Be sure to check out Nicole from Adventures of Goldilox, Wooden Bunting Tutorial.


This is a fun and cute DIY project to add just the needed Christmas cheer to you home!

Be sure to check out Selena from Tucson Health Project, Christmas Eve Box.


Start a new and fun tradition with your kids. Make a Christmas Eve box with lots of fun things to gear up for Christmas inside!

Love and Peace

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Snowflake Craft: When is Nap Time?

Hello friends! I have a SUPER GREAT friend named Amber! She blogs over at When is Nap Time? We met through a mutual friend and have been attending bible study together for the last year. She is a great mom, super crafty woman, woman of God, and a GREAT friend! I truly am honored to have her guest post on my space! Be sure to check out her blog as I am guest post over there!

I had big plans to go DIY crazy this year for Christmas! Pinterest gave me a whole mess of ideas and I couldn’t wait to make them all!! Unfortunately, life happened and I was only able to get one made and it was a decoration for my husband’s office. There was a big space to fill so I chose to make a craft stick snowflake. It took less then 15 minutes to make and turned out super cute!

Supplies needed:

Craft sticks (AKA Popsicle sticks)

Hot glue gun

White paint

Glitter (optional)


snowflake 1

Start by painting the sticks white. After they dry begin gluing 3 sticks together making a star shape. This will form the middle. From there, connect 2 sticks making a letter V shape from the points of the middle. Glue a stick to the peak of each V. Then glue 2 sticks sideways to the end of that. It is actually much easier to follow the photo. In reality, there are many ways you can make this snowflake and the beauty is that if yours doesn’t turn out exactly like this, no two snowflakes are identical anyways!

After you get your snowflake glued together, add another thin layer of white paint. Sprinkle glitter lightly on top. The glitter will stick to the wet paint as it dries. If you do not wish to add glitter a second coat of paint is not necessary.


Once your snowflake is dry, attach a ribbon to hang it from.

Easy peasy! And looks so cute! Here is how it looks hanging in my husbands’s office



You can see it will take up a good amount of space! I have also seen it as a decoration for the front door! Merry Christmas friends! I hope you are able to find more time to craft this month than I have!

Love and Peace

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December 15th: Countdown2Xmas

Be sure not to miss out on Britney from The Princess and Her Cowboys, Gingerbread Men Banner.

Gingerbread-Banner1A fun banner to hang up in your home that will take little space in the Christmas boxes for next year. This is a super cute banner that I will be making to add to my Christmas box! Love her blog also!

Be sure to check out Kate from Diary of an Urban Housewife, 10 Family Friendly Movies and Games.

10 family friendly movies and games for christmas

10 fun holiday movies and games to play as a family this holiday season. I am thinking I will need to watch ALL the movies on this list. It has also sparked a great idea for a future blog post. As a teacher (one that loves to read), I am thinking I should put together 25 of my favorite holiday books so that you can wrap them up for your littles to open each night for 25 days! What do you think?

Be sure to check out Jen from Jen A. Street, Holiday Crafting with Friends.

holiday crafting with friendsChristmas time is all about spending times with loved ones and creating memories. Holiday crafting with friends satisfies both of those!

Love and Peace

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December 12th: Countdown2Xmas

Be sure not to miss out on Nichole from Craft Junkies, DIY Holiday Canvas.


Be sure to check out this super simple craft to add just enough Holiday Cheer to your home. SUPER CUTE! I think I may have to make this for next year!

Be sure to check out Megan from Welcome to the Zoo, DIY Wax Melts!


Check out this fun and easy DIY to be sure your house smells fresh for the upcoming Holiday Season!

Love and Peace

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“Merry” Mantel Sign


I am not going to lie that I got this idea from a free sheet at Joann’s! I saw the paper and thought wouldn’t that be SOOOO cute in a Christmas word (or any word for that matter). I went to Joann’s and bought all the supplies when I had a coupon so it did not cost as much as I thought it would.


Supplies:spray paint

Cardboard Letters

Spray Paint


Hot Glue

First, I started by spray painting all of the letters in the word I decided to do. You could do Joy, Peace, Love, Christmas it all depends on how much space you have on your mantel. I decided to do the word Merry in silver so I spray painted the letters completely front, back and the sides outside of course.

Merry Supplies


After spray painting the letters I plugged in my hot glue gun and added some red and green yarn to the letters. As I pulled the yarn around the letter I would just put a little bit of glue to hold the yarn in place. I thought about adding some felt in the shape of holly but decided that I liked the small hit of red and green the best. If you decade to make this get creative and add more yarn or only use one color. Maybe you decorate your house with colors other the red and green for Christmas. This craft is really fun and customizable to your taste!


Here is what the completed project looks like! ENJOY!! Merry1

Comment below and let me know what word you would place on your mantel!

Be sure to check out more Countdown2Xmas ideas!!!

Love and Peace

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December 10th: Countdown2Xmas

Be sure not to miss out on Shambray from Shambray, Shapes Christmas Tree Craft.

(PLUS a FREE Printable)

Christmas Craft for kids-Shambray-Pinterest

The BEST last minute Christmas craft to do with you toddlers and kids! Just 3 items that you already have at home to put together this fun craft. It will teach your kids shapes matching & recognition as well as motor skills.

Be sure to check out Michelle from Our Three Peas , DIY Paper Bag Gingerbread Man


Check out this super CUTE craft to be made with any little kiddos in your life. This is a fun activity to use up recycled materials. I will be saving this for when I have little ones running around.

Be sure to check out Rachel from Officially Stoked, The Snowball Effect.


Be sure to check out this AMAZING recipe for truffles! It also includes a FREE PRINTABLE!!!

Love and Peace

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December 9th: Countdown2Xmas

I am so very sorry this out later then I had expected. I am planning a wedding that will be happening in less then 11 days. I took the day off of my “9-5” job to go and run errands for my wedding! My fiancé and I accomplished a lot but there is still more to do! Please be sure you check out these AWESOME ideas below!

Be sure not to miss out on Mindy from Mindy Alyse Celebrations, How to Host a Cookie Exchange.

(PLUS a FREE Printable)

Cookie-Exchange-Cover-1024x807Inspiration to throw an amazing Holiday Cookie Exchange Party! Including FREE Party Printables. I met Mindy at a local crafting event. I just LOVE her work and she is such a sweet lady so be sure to check out all the other exciting things she is doing in her day to day life!

Be sure to check out Heather from Mommy by the Sea, Countdown to Christmas. (PLUS FREE Printable’s!)


Fun activity to do with the littles in your life to help with the excitement of the Christmas holiday!

Be sure to check out Nichole from Baby Moon Mama, Baby’s First Ornament.


This is such a cute and WONDERFUL idea to document your little ones first Christmas! With a new nephew in my family I am thinking this would be a SUPER cute gift idea! Thanks so much for sharing an out of the box idea! IN LOVE!

Love and Peace

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December 8th: Countdown2Xmas

  Be sure not to miss out on Marie from As Cute as Bug’s Ear, DIY Holiday Baked Goods.


Gifts in a jar for the holidays, hostess gifts, and teacher appreciation days. Five easy to make recipes that look as good as they taste!

Be sure to check out Shelly from Behind Blue Eyes Blog, DIY Miniature Christmas Tree.


Such a cute idea to add some Christmas cheer to your office or house. Looks like a SUPER EASY DIY!

Be sure to check out Tammi from Maison des Jeunes, Christmas Apothecary Jars.


These apothecary jars are AMAZING! I am thinking I need to add these to my Christmas list so that I can change the contents in them with each season!

Love and Peace

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December 7th: Countdown2Xmas

Be sure not to miss out on Loriann from casa de la Cargill, Blackberry Sour Cream Bread Pudding.


 This sweet and tangy bread pudding can be made the night before. It is perfect for Christmas morning or any holiday brunch. The longer it sits before baking the better it gets!

Be sure to check out Margarita from West Coast Mama, DIY Felt Ball Wreath.


This is such a cute and EASY DIY! Such a cute idea to add some Christmas Spirit to you home.

Be sure to check out Theresa from Theresa’s Reviews, 3 Tips for Staying Positive Over the Holiday’s.

Are the holiday’s a stressful time for you? Read Theresa’s tips for staying positive over this holiday season.

Love and Peace

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