Start of school and GOALS!

So here we are another summer has come and gone and it is back to school I go. I have been in school for three weeks now! I have different classes that I am in this year so that will be new and exciting to learn and change. I had high hopes that I would blog LOTS over the summer but just never was sitting at my computer. I was normally sitting at my sewing mating working on some new bags I have posted on Facebook. I love to sew but want to be able to sell them. I also decided over the summer that I would become a Pampered Chef consultant. So, if you want to order or host a party my site is! I love to cook and am always trying new recipes from scratch.

I would like to set some goals for myself for the coming school year.

(1) Blog at least once a week about ANYTHING!

(2) Finish knitting garment for myself

(3) Get all IEP’s turned in within the month!

(4) Do at least 6 Pampered Chef shows a month

I have high hopes that my Pampered Chef business will do well and that I will be able to supplement my teaching income with this side job.

Well until next time……. I just needed to get some goals and thoughts down to hold me accountable!

Peace and Love

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