Snowflake Craft: When is Nap Time?

Hello friends! I have a SUPER GREAT friend named Amber! She blogs over at When is Nap Time? We met through a mutual friend and have been attending bible study together for the last year. She is a great mom, super crafty woman, woman of God, and a GREAT friend! I truly am honored to have her guest post on my space! Be sure to check out her blog as I am guest post over there!

I had big plans to go DIY crazy this year for Christmas! Pinterest gave me a whole mess of ideas and I couldn’t wait to make them all!! Unfortunately, life happened and I was only able to get one made and it was a decoration for my husband’s office. There was a big space to fill so I chose to make a craft stick snowflake. It took less then 15 minutes to make and turned out super cute!

Supplies needed:

Craft sticks (AKA Popsicle sticks)

Hot glue gun

White paint

Glitter (optional)


snowflake 1

Start by painting the sticks white. After they dry begin gluing 3 sticks together making a star shape. This will form the middle. From there, connect 2 sticks making a letter V shape from the points of the middle. Glue a stick to the peak of each V. Then glue 2 sticks sideways to the end of that. It is actually much easier to follow the photo. In reality, there are many ways you can make this snowflake and the beauty is that if yours doesn’t turn out exactly like this, no two snowflakes are identical anyways!

After you get your snowflake glued together, add another thin layer of white paint. Sprinkle glitter lightly on top. The glitter will stick to the wet paint as it dries. If you do not wish to add glitter a second coat of paint is not necessary.


Once your snowflake is dry, attach a ribbon to hang it from.

Easy peasy! And looks so cute! Here is how it looks hanging in my husbands’s office



You can see it will take up a good amount of space! I have also seen it as a decoration for the front door! Merry Christmas friends! I hope you are able to find more time to craft this month than I have!

Love and Peace

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