One Word, One Prayer #8


Here we are a week later then planned. Last week was SUPER crazy for me as it was the week before Spring Break. For word #8 I have decided to spend 2 weeks in thought over the word because it is so powerful and applicable currently in my life. This week and last week I am in prayer and thinking about the word GROW. I have taken on the role of facilitator with a small group through my church that will be following “The Daniel Plan.” A few weeks ago I thought and prayed about the word leadership and after that week decided to say yes to the calling of becoming the “leader” of a small group. I LOVE to cook and I am a teacher in my everyday job. I felt like this was a great way to share a gift I have and grow as a leader in the community that I serve and worship in. I have been praying for the members of my group and I am so excited to share new ideas and participate in the faith and friends aspect of the plan. I decided to focus on this word for two weeks because I am also hoping to GROW my blog and business. After meeting with a blogger that I look up to greatly and follow daily,  I feel like I have some clear set goals in which I would like to meet by the end of the summer both that have to do with my business and my blogging. I love having this outlet to share my feelings and thoughts on specific topics. I will continue to think and pray over the word grow for the remainder of the week. This week is my Spring Break I will be participating in a fun crafting class and also visiting my sister who is expecting in Flagstaff this week. I will also be celebrating my 29th birthday the end of this week. I was in need of a break from the day to day tasks of teaching.

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