One Word, One Prayer #7

20140225-125141.jpgDinner at the Food Trucks

This weekend as I thought about my word I was really stuck. I didn’t have a clue what I should be praying about or thinking about for the week. I was invited to a women’s “conference” of sorts at a local church with a friend for Monday night. I knew that I would be worshiping and hearing the word with other Christian women for the night so I thought what better place to come up with my word for the week. As I was sitting listening to several testimonies and a skit the words that struck me were “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” That got me thinking we are all made in HIS image and even thought WE sometimes want our own plans we have to remember he has a greater plan that we dont even know about at the time. It is so hard sometimes to feel like you are enough and to remind yourself that you are created in his image and more importantly he MADE you. My word this week is MADE. I want to be reminded throughout the week that HE MADE ME. There are no flaws or imperfections with me. Even though I look at myself sometimes through rose colored glasses I need to remember that God’s are always clear and see no imperfections with me.

Peace and Love

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