One Word, One Prayer #6

TADA! It is now Wednesday again! I had Monday off and had planned to get this post up on my day off. Instead I helped rejuvenate my spirit. I am so excited for this week and the word I have been thinking about constantly.  Here is the background on how my word for the week came about. I am planning to participate in the “Daniel Plan” for the up coming Lent season at my church. This will be a small group that will meet and talk about the bible, friends, and food. (For more info: THE DANIEL PLAN!) I went to church on Sunday and signed up to participate in the Daniel Plan. I planned to do the small group after the Lent services. When I signed up to join this group I figured I would just become one of many in the group. After signing up the leader of the program at our church asked me if I would be interested in leading this group. I have had this pull on my heart in the past few years to lead a book group. I feel like this is the door that God has opened and I need to just walk through it. This week I have been praying about LEADERSHIP. I feel as though I am not qualified enough to be a leader to others but at times I need to just trust in the Lord. Half way through the week I feel like this would be something I would be good at. I LOVE to cook! I LOVE to think of new healthy recipes! This sounds like something I will enjoy. As I go through this process I will be posting updates about how the process is going and any new and exciting information we as a group discover!

Peace and Love

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