One Word, One Prayer #3

Here we are at week 3. I can’t believe that I have stuck with this for THREE weeks. I did not have to work today because we as a nation honored MLK today. I am a day late but have been thinking of the word I picked over the weekend and all day today. As the week comes to an end I start to think, observe, listen and pray about what my word should be for the coming week. This week I had a few words that I was deciding between. Here is how and why I came to my word this week of:


Anyone else see a trend with all these “B” words!!! As I sat in church on Sunday our pastor talked about being chosen and not just chosen but chosen first. I think back to when I was growing up when was I chosen???? Sitting in church I thought well we are all chosen we all belong in the church community and are chosen first by God. I think about the relationships around me and who I chose first or where I belong among the people I work with, live with, workout with and hang out with. I so badly wanted to belong somewhere when I was growing up. Now I find myself hoping I belong somewhere among the adults I encounter. Where do we belong? Are we picked first? Are we picked because of our looks? Our acts? Our personality? These are all questions that evoke thoughts within my. I will be praying this week that we all know that we belong and are pick first by our Heavenly Father. Until next time know that I will be praying for you.

Peace and Love

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