One Word, One Prayer #3 and #4

Sorry I missed last week telling the blogging world my word. I had a crazy busy schedule at school last week. As I prayed about the word I would think on for the week I heard a great song in my car. It was on the Christian radio station. Just what I needed at the moment. I heard a great song talking about how we all are broken and want to be broken to be made whole in Him. We are all broken people but know that we are made whole through Jesus Christ. This song really moved me and I decided to pray over and think about the word  WHOLE for the week. We all crave to be made whole in every thought and deed that we do. I also thought the the word whole would serve the purpose of seeing the whole person, situation, and act of service. Sometimes we are so quick to speak and judge that we don’t see the whole in the world. Through out the week as I thought and prayed on this word I had a sense of peace in my being.

This weekend I was at a Pampered Chef conference in California. I had an awesome time with a friend and the person I signed up under, Ashley. We stayed at her aunt and uncles house which was such a cute and beautiful house. They cooked us several WONDERFUL meals throughout our stay. I even got to do a little blind wine tasting. I had a great time. As I was coming home on Sunday I was thinking and praying on the word in which I would focus on this week. (WEEK #4) On my flight home there was an older man about 4 rows ahead of me that just before take off seemed as through he passed out. The flight attendant rushed over to help him. He then some how started to throw up. So she ran back to get a bag. While she was getting and holding the bag for the man she instructed another flight attendant to get her the oxygen. I then thought man this is a serious thing. It seemed as though it calmed down a bit and they escorted the man off the flight. I got to thinking say a quick prayer. So i did! During the flight and throughout the day I had the word Elderly on my heart. So this week I am praying for the ELDERLY in my life and around the world in general. My grandparents are so near and dear to me and  I know they are getting older. I also have grown to love my boyfriends mom and she has been going through some medical things recently. I pray that our Lord keeps them safe and knowing that one day I will be blessed to see them in Heaven and live with them forever.


Peace and Love

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