One Word, One Prayer #2

So last week I started this fun journey of picking one word a week and just pray over that word. Last week my word was beauty and I felt, saw and experienced beauty throughout my week. As, I went through the week I felt this strong urge to pray over a specific word. Here is the background as to why I picked the word this week.

I am SOOOOO excited that my sister is pregnant and due with the first grandchild for my parents in June. I have another friend that found out she was pregnant and she is due right around the same time. There have been several people that I went to high school/college with that have brand new babies within the last few months. So I thought about it and decided that my word this week would be:


IMG_0190                                                   BABIES!!!

Unknown to me on Sunday I would meet a woman through a friend that has been pregnant 3 times. The first two of her babies she had to 21 weeks pregnant. They were unable to survive. They were also conceived through modern medicine. When I met this woman she had said that she was not feeling real well because she was just about 8 weeks pregnant. While talking with  us she then explained that she and her husband had conceived naturally. As I listened to her more I was curious and asked her some questions about if she had known what had happened with the last two pregnancies she openly shared that she had an incompetent cervix in which she will have to have sewn shut at 17 weeks. When I listened to her story and how blessed she was I felt compelled to tell her the story of my one word, one prayer plan. I had this strong feeling that God had put the word babies on my heart knowing that I would be meeting this woman this weekend. I am so blessed that I was able to meet this woman and to let her know that I will be praying for her unborn baby and her for the upcoming week.


Peace and Love

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