One Word, One Prayer #17

What's your brave yes today? #letsallbebrave // (link in profile)

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Hello friends! Hope this One Word, One Prayer finds you well. I have only a few weeks left of summer and I am trying to get all the things I need to get done, done before school starts. I have opened my shop and plan to do a giveaway VERY soon ;)! Today I had a few errands that I needed to run. One of the places I went to I ran into someone that does not know me but I follow their blog and Instagram feed. So I was BRAVE and introduced myself and handed out a buisness card. I would not normally do this but I thought what do I have to loose. I am looking to network with bloggers in Arizona so that I can have a shoulder to lean on when I am in need to advice for this space in which I write. I did hand this person my business card and was thinking OH MAN the person that blogs is well known and has a large following. I stepped outside of my comfort zone today for the sake of my blog and business. I want to be more BRAVE and conquer head on what God places in front of me. I am SUPER excited about the short contact that was made and plan to follow up with an email so that I am not just a crazy person. This afternoon I saw the picture posted about in my Instagram feed. It is from Annie Downs most recent book “Let’s All be Brave.” I felt like this was written just for me. So long story short my word for the week is BRAVE!

What is your word for the week??? Comment below I would LOVE to hear what your #OWOP is!

Love and Peace

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  1. Woohoo! Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone and making that connection!! I would never have done that!!! You rock! My word of the week is patience! With 2 weeks left until school I am running very low on my supply! haha!

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