One Word, One Prayer #16


This weekend as I wrestled with what word I would pick I felt like maybe I should continue the word I picked last week which was SCHEDULE. I did not do such a great job with this word. I made time the first day to have quiet time with my bible and the Lord but the rest of the week I was just so busy. I know, I know this is no excuse that is why I felt like this week I should focus on this word again. Even though I would like reading the bible and having quiet study time to be apart of my daily life it hard and we all have to be intentional when we decide to put this time into our lives. As I near starting school I am thinking that I could build just 5 minutes into my prep time and even though I know I should be planning and prep for school I feel as though this might center me and be a good anchor if I am having an especially challenging or great day.

This week I have decided to pray and think about the word TRUST. I have lots of exciting things happening in my life, blog, and a new business. I have to put my full and complete trust in the Lord that I am right where I need to be and right where he wants me to be. I am so excited to launch my new store and jump in with both feet meeting other Arizona bloggers. I have made a few connections and would like to continue to grow this blog. Currently the focus is books and my OWOP posts. I am looking into adding some cooking posts as I cook often and I sell Pampered Chef. I love teaching but I love cooking, reading and blogging also. How do you fit everything in well I guess that is why this weeks word is so important and pulls at my heart strings. TURST sometimes is hard but a daily reminder to TRUST this week will help me as I end summer and beginning working for the 2014-2015 school year.

Do you have a word that you will focus on this week? Add it to the comments section!

If you don’t have a word for the week join me in thinking and praying about the word TRUST!

Love and Peace

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