One Word, One Prayer #15

Well here we are it is Tuesday and almost one month from my last post! I have had lots going on with 4th of July and a quick trip to Disneyland! (Which is a place I LOVE going to!!)

I have still been thinking about what word I would focus on for the upcoming week. This week as I walked into church I thought of the word I would think and pray about for this upcoming week. I always take my bible and a notebook into church so that I can write any notes as the pastor is teaching for the service. Before the pastor started as I pulled out my notebook I had this pull on my heart to pray, think and put into play the word SCHEDULING. I LOVED the small group women’s bible study that I participated in the spring and I really liked that I regularly had “homework” to complete which got me digging in the bible. I always have great intentions to do quiet time with the Lord in the morning before I go to work so this week I scheduled in my phone all of the verses that were referenced in the teaching on Sunday. I have intentionally scheduled time every morning this week to have quiet time with my Lord and Savior. The best part was as I sat through the teaching (sermon) at church the teaching was all about how when we dig into the word God will work through us. If we put the word into play God will work trough us. I had chills run through my body as he wrapped up the sermon with talking about how we as Christians should dig into his word and know his word so that we are closer to him. What a God moment for me this weekend. I looked back at the word I had written before the sermon even started and just felt comfort in knowing that I am doing the right thing and that through him I am getting the words that will really work and speak to my heart for the week.

Be on the look out for my new bags/store to be announced later this week! Comment with which color tote bag/purse you would buy. I am looking to raffle on off!


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