One Word, One Prayer #14

Labels for my bags!!
Four prints for UrbanAnneBags!
Aunt Anne with baby Jayce! (1 Week Old)

So  it has been awhile since I have sat down and written a post for my blog and think space. It has been a busy few weeks as I was fishing up school,  preparing for my sisters baby shower, and preparing for a trip back home to Wisconsin to visit family. Well God had different plans for our family……my sister had such high blood pressure that they delivered her baby early. ITS A BOY!!! I could not be more excited to be an aunt. I am even more thankful that my sister and baby Jayce are doing well and are healthy. We had a wonderful trip back to Wisconsin. We even got to FLY this time instead of drive. This was quite an exciting thing for my sister and I! I am out of school but would like to keep focusing on a word every week. It just might have to be posted on my sewing machine or on my mirror as I get ready in the morning. My word for this week is PRODUCTIVE. I am gearing up to open up the UrbanAnneBags shop and my now fiance is working on a large project for work. I just pray that every day we are both productive and working toward our personal goals. I am so excited to share with my blogging world that I have received my tags and have purchased all the fabric I need to make the bags. My goal is by Monday you will get a sneak peek at the 4 color choices for the bags that will be sold on my ETSY site. As I close out this post I thought I should leave you with a few pictures of what has been happening the last few weeks!

Dorris and I at Prom 2014

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