One Word, One Prayer #12

Well life has been crazy! Not that life has stopped me from thinking about a word for the past two weeks. I have started attending a woman’s bible study at another church and I am LOVING it. I feel like God has placed me at just the spot I need to be at this point in my life. I have grown up in a Christian house hold and have always loved the Lord but feel at times that I lack a personal relationship with him. For the month of April I have been waking up daily during the weekday and reading a short devotional. This has really helped me stay on track and keep the Lord center in my life. With that being said as I have been going though this wonderful bible┬ástudy the topic of prayer is a recurring theme. Now throughout life I prayed when people were hurting or needing something but to just be still and quiet while talking with the Lord has been amazing. I have felt this calm come over me in the past two weeks. So for the last two weeks I have really been thinking about the word PRAYER. I have made time in my life to pray even if I have nothing to say just to be still and quiet has been interesting. Hearing God takes work I am not 100% there yet but I am working on hearing and following what God has to tell me. I have been blessed with a few GREAT Christian women in my life that really make me hunger for more of the Lord. One of my close friends has a daughter that was having AWEFUL nightmares. Just by playing the word of God saying that He is keeping her safe and surrounding her she has had less scary dreams. God is amazing and through him all things are possible. I am so excited to continue my walk with him and with the GREAT women HE has placed in my life!

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