One Word, One Prayer #10

Here we are week #10! Last week was the start of March Madness and the boyfriend, some friends and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas. I will be sharing soon about our fun and exciting trip! The first few days of the week I had a word that has kept coming to mind. The word for the week is SOAR! I am a special education teacher and I always hope that we can transition students from an environment where they are receiving specialized instruction to a 504 which is where the student is still able to receive accommodations in the classroom setting. I had a meeting with one of my students on my caseload and we as a team have seen a HUGE improvement in her school setting grades and behavior so it was discussed to switch her to a 504. I then said it was time to spread her wings and soar. I just feel like this is the word for the week. I also have a WONDERFUL  teacher friend  I work with that will be switching schools next year. She is slowly letting the people she cares about most know about the change. I am so excited to see her SOAR and to help lift her up so that she can SOAR. This week I will be praying and thinking about the word SOAR!

If you have a word for the week please leave it in the comments section.

Love and Prayers

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