One Word, One Prayer #1

I have been reading a wonderful book that I will blog about once I have finished reading it. In the mean time as I was reading the book (it is a christian based book) I had this strong feeling/urge to try something new that would stretch me for the new year. I have grown up in a Christian household and I love to serve other people and share the love of Christ. I have also been one that always had this plan to start a Bible study but never would follow through with the idea. Last night while reading the book I had a brilliant idea. There is a teacher at my work when she is aggravated by a student she has the word patience on her computer in which she will just rub to physically reminding herself to have patience. I remembered this and thought well as a teacher I am always looking at my computer screen what if I tie in something that would please God while I am at work. I have decided that every week on Sunday I will think of a person, thing, or word and I will write it on a piece of tape in which I will place on my computer so all throughout the week when I open my computer and see the tape I will say a quick prayer for the person or just about the word in general be it that the word would effect me or someone that needs it. I am so excited to try this out and I hope that throughout the process that it will bring me closer to the Lord but also help calm those around me or myself.

This week the word that is posted on my computer is “BEAUTY.” This word can be used to describe several things. I will pray about the word beauty for this week and see where God leads me. I can’t wait to post my words and if anything exciting happens throughout this prayer process.

Love and Peace

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