“Merry” Mantel Sign


I am not going to lie that I got this idea from a free sheet at Joann’s! I saw the paper and thought wouldn’t that be SOOOO cute in a Christmas word (or any word for that matter). I went to Joann’s and bought all the supplies when I had a coupon so it did not cost as much as I thought it would.


Supplies:spray paint

Cardboard Letters

Spray Paint


Hot Glue

First, I started by spray painting all of the letters in the word I decided to do. You could do Joy, Peace, Love, Christmas it all depends on how much space you have on your mantel. I decided to do the word Merry in silver so I spray painted the letters completely front, back and the sides outside of course.

Merry Supplies


After spray painting the letters I plugged in my hot glue gun and added some red and green yarn to the letters. As I pulled the yarn around the letter I would just put a little bit of glue to hold the yarn in place. I thought about adding some felt in the shape of holly but decided that I liked the small hit of red and green the best. If you decade to make this get creative and add more yarn or only use one color. Maybe you decorate your house with colors other the red and green for Christmas. This craft is really fun and customizable to your taste!


Here is what the completed project looks like! ENJOY!! Merry1

Comment below and let me know what word you would place on your mantel!

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Love and Peace

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  1. How cute is your Merry mantle! I love it. Great idea using some basic products to create a really cool holiday decoration. #Countdown2Xmas

  2. That’s so cool! When I first looked at the picture I thought that they were metal. The metallic spray paint is awesome. I definitely have to pick myself up some of it.

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