Grandma’s Lemon Cake

This summer while visiting my grandparents in Wisconsin my Grandma decided that she would have the whole family over for dinner. My Grandma made this AMAZING Lemon cake. It is like lemon meringue pie but as a cake. I have decided that I would post this recipe for all of you to try in your own home.

Grandma’s Lemon Cake

Supplies: Lemon cake mix, Lemon pie filling, cool whip, raspberries (optional)

I love raspberry lemonade so I decided to puree fresh raspberries and add them to my cake.


Follow the instructions on the box and make the lemon cake. Allow to cool before adding anything to the top.

Cooled Cake

Once the cake has cooled spread the lemon pie filling evenly on the top of the cake. This is where I also pureed up some fresh raspberries and spread them on half of the cake.

Spread on Lemon pie filling

Once you have spread the lemon pie filling and raspberries if you choose on the cake you will then need to spread all of the Cool Whip on top of the lemon pie filing.

Spread on the Cool Whip

After you have done this it is ready to serve. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did and I will continue to make this AWESOME lemon cake!


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