End of the Old (2014), Start of the New (2015)

As we come to the end of 2014 I sit and think about all the goals I would like to accomplish in 2015. I have such high hopes of getting lots done that at times I think it is unattainable. I set goals for 2014 and worked hard to reach them. I also had a lot of things happen in my personal life. Throughout 2014 I really did some searching as to what I wanted my business and blog to look like. I feel happy and comfortable with where I am but know I can always set more goals. I will recap my goals for 2014 and how I did then set come new ones for the NEW YEAR 2015!


1. Read and document 50 books- I started the year sting and hopeful that I would be able to get through all 50 books and then also blog about each one. I have currently read 23 books and have blogged about 15 of them. I still plan to blog about the other 8 I have not blogged about.

2. Host at least 1 Pampered Chef Party per month- I did not do so well on this goal. This year I did not host enough Pampered Chef Parties. I LOVE the product but with everything I have going on it was hard to make time to do shows. I am thinking I will start hosting freezer meal workshops every other month at least to start.

3. Every other month host a craft party- (Everyone pays to come to the party where they will make a craft project to take home!)- I did NONE of these but, I did attend one. I made a great friend who makes craft kits for busy women to buy and have all the supplies they need in the kit. At the start of 2013 I thought this was a great idea but unfortunately did not host a SINGLE ONE!

4. I would like to sell $500 in handmade craft goods!- I did not reach this goal but I didn’t figure out my focus for my shop until the summer months. I would say based on my ETSY stats and custom on the side sales I have made about $200. I would say for just starting a business I did pretty good. I have changes my shop from UrbanAnneBags to UrbanAnneDesigns. I LOVE to sew and didn’t want to have to just sew handbags. I have now added paper garland and baby blankets to my shop. I am excited for 2015 to see what and where my shop goes.

I would say for the year 2014 I didn’t do too bad considering everything that happened this year.

Goals 2015

1) Read and Document 25 books

2) Sell $400 in handmade craft goods!

3) Host a Freezer Meal Workshop every other month.

Love and Peace

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