Day Twelve: Traditions……Traditions


My Sister 2’s Wedding Jan 2013

Day 11: Tell us about a favorite tradition. It could be a family tradition or from a holiday, university, you-name-it. What makes it so special?

I have the best family ever. Even though we don’t get along ALL the time we have some great traditions that we as a family do together. Growing up we were always going out for a hike or camping trip. We had so many family trips in are trusted Suburban growing up. As we all grew up and were able to drive we were always in different places. One thing we always did as a family when I was growing up was to go to church every Sunday at 8am. Yes, I said 8AM! EARLY!nWe do many fun things now that we are older. When all of us are home we try to all have dinner together and we will most likely play cards or dominos after eating. We have such a great time all of us together even as our family grows. The following are traditions that we participated in growing up and I plan to pass on to my children one day.


Whenever it is your birthday you get to pick out where you want to eat. You can either pick to eat out or to cook something at home. We try to celebrate birthdays when as many of our family members are home. Now that we are all spread out it is getting harder to have birthday dinners. I remember my sisters having to stand on their chairs and singing many happy birthdays to them. I hope that I get to sing many more happy birthdays to my sisters and parents.


OH MAN Christmas! Where do I even start with this holiday. Growing up on Christmas Eve my family would attend our local churches Christmas service. Many years we would be singing or helping with the “children’s” service. before going to church my mom would put our dinner in the oven to cook. Once we were home from church normally my mom would check how the food was doing while my dad, sisters and I would put out our luminaries (brown paper bags folded down with sand and a candle inside) lining our driveway and sidewalks. My dad would the light the candles in the paper bags. After all the candles were lit and the bags were placed perfectly we would head in to eat our dinner. After eating dinner sometimes we would walk around our neighborhood to look at all the other luminaries. Once dinner and our walk was complete we would always be sure to have cookies, a glass of milk and some carrots out before crawling into bed. Once in bed after we ALL 4 were asleep Santa would come. When Santa came he would drop off our gifts in 4 piles. One for each one of use girls. There would also be a stack of family gifts off to the side. As young kids we would always be up SUPER early. We were told we had to stay upstairs and had to wait for my parents to get out of bed. Before my parents got up we would guess who’s stack was who’s. Once they were out of bed mom would head down stairs to put our traditional breakfast soufflé in the over and dad would head down for his camera. Every year we would sit at the top of the stairs in our pajamas for a traditional Christmas picture. Once the picture was done that was our cue to head down the stairs. We always open out stockings first which ALWAYS includes a grapefruit from our tree in the toe. After we all had looked through our stockings we would head out to our presents. We each would find our stack of presents. Once we were all settled in we would open gifts one at a time. We would then all share and open the family gifts. After opening presents we enjoy out traditional breakfast. After breakfast most of us will open and enjoy our gifts. After a long day of new and exciting gifts we sit down as a family with our fine china to a ham and cheesy potatoes. YUMMY! I love the meal at Christmas.


Easter is another fun and exciting holiday in our family. Every Easter we dye REAL hard boiled eggs. After dying them these are the eggs that the Easter Bunny would  hide for us girls to find the next morning. Going to bed the night before Easter we had a tradition of always setting out our new outfit along with our shoes. The Easter Bunny always hides the egg with our name or one that we dyed in our shoes. In the morning we would have to search for the dyed eggs in the morning. After finding all the eggs we would dig into our Easter baskets. We didn’t spend too much time at home in the morning because we would attend church in the morning. Many times growing up the Easter Bunny would put a book or movie that we were excited about in our baskets. We would then have ham and cheesy potatoes for dinner. We only have this meal two time a year so it is an exciting me for all of us! (Christmas and Easter!)


Summertime is time to spend with the family doing fun and exciting things. We took TONS of family trips throughout the summer. Even if it is just camping I feel like we were always out and about. EVERY summer since I was young I remember my sisters and I getting  into the Suburban and driving to Wisconsin to visit our family. We would walkways spend half the time with my Grandma either at her house or at the cottage that she owns. Then the second half would be with my Grandma and Grandpa. They live in a small town so we enjoyed walking downtown and going to the local swimming pool. We still make this a tradition even if we are not ALL going at the same time. As my grandparents get older I am THANKFUL that I have had at least a week every summer to enjoy their company. I LOVE WISCONSIN! Wish at times I lived there it is just a different way of life!


Do you and your family have any traditions? I LOVE my families traditions 🙂

Love and Peace

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