In the QUIET!

I am a CHRISTIAN! I believe in GOD! We currently in the church are in the season of lent. At the church I attend we are going through the Lord’s Prayer and talking about being still, quiet, and listening for God. Most people give up something for lent be it soda, sweets, or Facebook. I have for the past few years thought to add something during lent instead of taking something away. I was contemplating what I would ADD to my life during this lenten season. I went to church for Ash Wednesday and there the Pastor talked about being still and quiet. I knew at that time that I needed to add this to my life for forty days. I have not been 100% “good” about it but I am more conscious about the quiet and still time I do have.

Many days I get home from work, I am a teacher, and I turn on the news and sit for 30 minutes to an hour watching TV. I thought that instead of automatically turning on the TV when I get home that I would sit and read, knit, or clean up the house for at least 30 minutes. When I do this I do it in silence, no TV and no music. We have three dogs so normally they are around making noise or the back door is open for me to hear what is happening in the world outside. I am loving my “quiet” time. For me this works and even though I am not super strict about sticking to a schedule it helps me center and calm myself after a long day of work.

On a different note, it is almost Spring Break and AIMS testing time so there has been lots going on at work. I am finding that I need more and more to keep work at work and enjoy my dogs and my boyfriend when I get home. This explains why I have not been doing regular “Work In Progress Wednesday.” I have several projects I am working on and one that I will be frogging tonight!

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