Baby Shower for “J”


 I am so EXCITED to share this post today. My family and I had planned to have my sisters baby shower before she had her sweet baby boy but God had other plans. I am so thankful that he was out of her belly to be passed around and LOVED on! My sister and her husband planned not to know what the baby was so we planned a gender neutral shower. Growing up she LOVED the song “You Are My Sunshine.” I thought what a great way to incorporate what she likes with a gender neutral color YELLOW! As soon as I got the OK from my mom to go ahead and plan the shower I started searching the internet. I was so excited with what I found.


While talking about food for the shower I wanted everything to be finger foodish (YES that is a word!) and easy. I had seen some cute veggie cups (1st picture) while spending time on Pinterest and I thought what a great and easy idea. So we went to the dollar store and picked up some cute sun stickers and the cups. My youngest sister and I cut all the veggie ahead of time and my mom made a homemade sour cream dip to add to the bottom. Along with sunshine and grey cloudy skies comes the rainbows so I thought what better way to display the fruit then to make rainbow kabobs (2nd picture) along with some LARGE marshmallows. I figured if I place something sweet on the end that more kids and adults would be interested in eating the fruit kabobs. If I was to go back I would make a rainbow on the plate but the fruit would be separate just placed in the shape or a rainbow. I found some AWESOME cake topers from Pinterest and just HAD TO place them on the cupcakes (3rd picture.) My Sister 4 and I baked both chocolate and yellow cupcakes. We did indeed make them from a box. The cupcakes were wonderful!


Veggiecups rainbowfruit






We had a great turn out to celebrate my sister and the newest addition to our family. I took the following picture so that one day we can look back at it when  these girls are getting married and having babies. These two girls are sisters and they were Sister 2 and my sidekicks. The older one I babysat until I went off to college then came along the younger one and she was Sister 2’s other half until they were old enough to not need babysitters. This family is very dear to both Sister 2 and I. We are so glad that they were able to come and snuggle this cute baby. Who knows maybe one day they will be babysitting for Sister 2’s little man.



My sister did not want to play the tradition baby shower games, so we searched Pinterest to find some fun and creative activities. All the guests had a great time and they made some awesome things for baby “J” to have as he grows up. Sister 4 found a fun activity where you write on the outside of a diaper so that there are funny sayings on the diapers as mom and dad are up late changing the new buddies diaper. The saying were super funny and I am sure they will bring a smile to my sister and brother-in-law’s faces changing late night diapers. 

I was looking up game ideas on Pinterest and found this very sentimental “game.” You buy 18 birthday cards for the new baby and you ask the guests at the shower to each sign a card. For each birthday the baby will get to open up a card. My extended family all lives in the midwest so when we traveled back we had our grandma’s, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins all sign cards. I am so excited as baby “J” grows to see his face of love as he opens each card.


Sister 3 planned an AWESOME activity that one day baby “J” can actually use. She had suggested that we have the guests each color a page with a letter of the alphabet and then put them together into an ABC book. This will become baby “J’s” first ABC book and all that people that love both him and his mom have all had a hand in helping make it.:) Thanks for the great idea Sister 3.


I have a good friend that was due right around the same time as my sister and at her shower she had made these super cute cards in which there was hopes and wishes for the baby. I thought this was such a cute idea that baby “J” and mom and dad could hold onto and look back on with fond memories. Every guest filled out a card and even people that did not attend the shower also got to fill them out. I hope this is a keep sake from the shower the family will treasure.


The next three pictures are of the decorations and the favors made for the shower. We had several spots throughout the house in which we placed these cute sunshine looking decorations. Sister 4 and I did LOTS of crafting before the shower. We made all the jar cups in which the guests were able to take home to reuse. When I first started planning the shower because we did not know if the baby was a boy or girl I thought these Hershey’s bars would be fun to hand out. I had already finished coloring all the chocolate bars and then my sister went into labor where we found out the baby was a boy. So, instead of redoing this craft project I thought it would add to the charter of the shower to just cross out the SHE part.


Jars Chocolate


Sister 4 and I had such a fun time planning, shopping and crafting for this shower. I LOVED the way it all turned out. Baby “J” and mama felt loved by all the guests that came to shower them.


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  1. So cute! Everything turned out so great! I love the idea of coloring an ABC’s book for him! What a great idea! I also adore the mason jars you made! Way to go girl!

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