Day Fifteen: Mood Board


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Day 15:Make a mood board. Are you brainstorming a room re-do, or are you dreaming of glamping with gal-pals? Share a collage of any kind!

Instead of sharing a mood board I figured I would share a list of what I am swooning over. I am always looking to up date my house and for new and yummy recipes. I figured for the propose of this post I would find items for my house, recipes or style that I would like to ADD to my house or decor. ENJOY!

Love and Peace

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Day Fourteen: When and Why Blogging

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Day 14: When did you start blogging and why?

Why did I start blogging? I was just getting into pinterest and had found several blogs in which I loved, read and followed on a regular basis. I figured that by starting a blog that I could show off all my crafting ideas along with everything new and exciting I was cooking. When I started my blog I was also teaching and was unable to find the balance between my blog and my everyday job. I found it hard to post on my blog on a regular basis. I love to teach but would like to one day earn some money and blog about my children. I am slowly making that happen. This year I decided to have a mentor that is a successful blogger. I have learned so much with my blog and also with my handmade business from my mentor. I have figured out how to schedule by blog along with working so that one doesn’t take the front seat over the other. I really love all the jobs that I do. I have BIG DREAMS for this blog!

Love and Peace

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Day Thirteen: Mr. Right

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Day 13: Your current relationship status. If dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story! If single, share about this special season.


I am currently happily engaged! I am going to give you a bit of the history and how we met. I was previously married for 1 year to a man I thought I was going to do life with. After some events in my life he decided to divorce me. I look back now and think what a blessing that divorce was. While going through my divorce I went and saw a counselor. While I was at the counselors I decided to write a list of everything I wanted in a man. I was dating off and on for about four years before I met Mr. Right. I decided that I would run the PF Chang’s half marathon and while I was practicing on Saturday mornings this AWESOME farmers market right by my parents house had opened up and I so badly wanted to shop there but by the time I was done running they were closing up. After finishing the half-marathon I decided I would get up early and go to the market it was a great time. Meanwhile at school I had befriended another teacher that had recently gone through a divorce also. After talking with her we put two and two together that her now fiancé is selling grass fed beef at the farmers market by my parents house. They were looking for someone to help sell beef once in a while so I offered to help. I LOVED going to the market on Saturday mornings and talking/selling to the locals. My birthday was coming up and I was putting together my own get together with some friends at a local brewery. I decided to invite the guy that ran the head table thinking that he and Mr. Right were either roommates or good friends I just invited one when Mr. Right came over to the grass fed beef tent and asked why I had not invited him. I then invited him and his friend! They came to my get together and ever since then we would either do date night dinner or hang out at his house. After meeting and dating Mr. Right I realized pretty quickly that he was everything that I wanted in a partner/husband for life. After a year of dating we decided to move in together and after three years of dating the timing was right that we would get engaged. The plan is that we will get married this year in a small ceremony and have a larger reception/open house with friends. He is my everything I can’t imagine doing life without him!


Dear Mr. Right,

Thank You for coming into my life. I LOVE spending my Sundays watching football with you. Seeing you with our sweet nephew makes my heart happy. I can’t wait for the day that you become a father to your own child. You are such a kind, loving and companionate man. I love that even though I tell you nothing is wrong when I am upset you know me so well that you continue to ask because you are able to read me so well. Thank you for always thinking of our future. You are the love of my life and I can’t wait to DO LIFE with you!

Your Other Half

Love and Peace

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Friday Reads Book Club: If I Stay



If this is your first time joining us, we are a weekly book review link up. This is the place for people to go when they are searching for a new book or want to share one that they recently read. I am hosting this weekly affair along with two other amazing Arizona bloggers, Sarah at Neroli Blossoms and Megan and Joann at A Whimsicle Life.

If I Stay

by: Gayle Forman


 I decided to read this book after I had seen that a movie was going to be made. I am one that likes to read the books before going to see the movie. I picked up this book before leaving on a long weekend trip to Wisconsin. I thought for sure based on the movie trailer that this book would draw me in right away and I would find it hard to put down. This book was an interesting read in that based on the summary on the back of the book, the movie trailer, and what I had heard/read from other readers I figured I would be drawn right in. It was the complete opposite. I felt like the story dragged a bit. Don’t get me wrong it was a good book. I am very excited to see how the director/screen play writer made it into a movie.

Mia is a high school student. She lives with her  family, her mother, father and her younger brother. When school is cancelled for the day the family decides to drive to a family friends house. In an instant her life is changed. The story goes from Mia being in her body and doing things to being her bodies spirit/soul. When the car accident happens Mia gets out of the car and see the disaster. She finds her mom and dad then while looking for her younger brother she thinks she spots him under the car when she realizes that the person under the car is her. As she is transported to the hospital she has an out of body experience in which she is able to see all that is happening around her and to her. Throughout the remainder of the book she encounters and experiences the deep emotion that the people who she loves struggle through. Mia has a boyfriend and best friend in which the story is centered around. The book has flash back where you learn how her relationships with the people around her have developed. I am neutral on how the story ends. I would like to read find out what happens to Mia in the sequel to If I Stay called: Where She Went.

I am curious is any readers have read this book or seen the movie! If you have read the book let me know what you thought! If you have seen the movie please comment on if you think I should go see the movie!

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Love and Peace!

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Day Twelve: Traditions……Traditions


My Sister 2’s Wedding Jan 2013

Day 11: Tell us about a favorite tradition. It could be a family tradition or from a holiday, university, you-name-it. What makes it so special?

I have the best family ever. Even though we don’t get along ALL the time we have some great traditions that we as a family do together. Growing up we were always going out for a hike or camping trip. We had so many family trips in are trusted Suburban growing up. As we all grew up and were able to drive we were always in different places. One thing we always did as a family when I was growing up was to go to church every Sunday at 8am. Yes, I said 8AM! EARLY!nWe do many fun things now that we are older. When all of us are home we try to all have dinner together and we will most likely play cards or dominos after eating. We have such a great time all of us together even as our family grows. The following are traditions that we participated in growing up and I plan to pass on to my children one day.


Whenever it is your birthday you get to pick out where you want to eat. You can either pick to eat out or to cook something at home. We try to celebrate birthdays when as many of our family members are home. Now that we are all spread out it is getting harder to have birthday dinners. I remember my sisters having to stand on their chairs and singing many happy birthdays to them. I hope that I get to sing many more happy birthdays to my sisters and parents.


OH MAN Christmas! Where do I even start with this holiday. Growing up on Christmas Eve my family would attend our local churches Christmas service. Many years we would be singing or helping with the “children’s” service. before going to church my mom would put our dinner in the oven to cook. Once we were home from church normally my mom would check how the food was doing while my dad, sisters and I would put out our luminaries (brown paper bags folded down with sand and a candle inside) lining our driveway and sidewalks. My dad would the light the candles in the paper bags. After all the candles were lit and the bags were placed perfectly we would head in to eat our dinner. After eating dinner sometimes we would walk around our neighborhood to look at all the other luminaries. Once dinner and our walk was complete we would always be sure to have cookies, a glass of milk and some carrots out before crawling into bed. Once in bed after we ALL 4 were asleep Santa would come. When Santa came he would drop off our gifts in 4 piles. One for each one of use girls. There would also be a stack of family gifts off to the side. As young kids we would always be up SUPER early. We were told we had to stay upstairs and had to wait for my parents to get out of bed. Before my parents got up we would guess who’s stack was who’s. Once they were out of bed mom would head down stairs to put our traditional breakfast soufflé in the over and dad would head down for his camera. Every year we would sit at the top of the stairs in our pajamas for a traditional Christmas picture. Once the picture was done that was our cue to head down the stairs. We always open out stockings first which ALWAYS includes a grapefruit from our tree in the toe. After we all had looked through our stockings we would head out to our presents. We each would find our stack of presents. Once we were all settled in we would open gifts one at a time. We would then all share and open the family gifts. After opening presents we enjoy out traditional breakfast. After breakfast most of us will open and enjoy our gifts. After a long day of new and exciting gifts we sit down as a family with our fine china to a ham and cheesy potatoes. YUMMY! I love the meal at Christmas.


Easter is another fun and exciting holiday in our family. Every Easter we dye REAL hard boiled eggs. After dying them these are the eggs that the Easter Bunny would  hide for us girls to find the next morning. Going to bed the night before Easter we had a tradition of always setting out our new outfit along with our shoes. The Easter Bunny always hides the egg with our name or one that we dyed in our shoes. In the morning we would have to search for the dyed eggs in the morning. After finding all the eggs we would dig into our Easter baskets. We didn’t spend too much time at home in the morning because we would attend church in the morning. Many times growing up the Easter Bunny would put a book or movie that we were excited about in our baskets. We would then have ham and cheesy potatoes for dinner. We only have this meal two time a year so it is an exciting me for all of us! (Christmas and Easter!)


Summertime is time to spend with the family doing fun and exciting things. We took TONS of family trips throughout the summer. Even if it is just camping I feel like we were always out and about. EVERY summer since I was young I remember my sisters and I getting  into the Suburban and driving to Wisconsin to visit our family. We would walkways spend half the time with my Grandma either at her house or at the cottage that she owns. Then the second half would be with my Grandma and Grandpa. They live in a small town so we enjoyed walking downtown and going to the local swimming pool. We still make this a tradition even if we are not ALL going at the same time. As my grandparents get older I am THANKFUL that I have had at least a week every summer to enjoy their company. I LOVE WISCONSIN! Wish at times I lived there it is just a different way of life!


Do you and your family have any traditions? I LOVE my families traditions 🙂

Love and Peace

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Day Eleven: Inspiration

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I am joining Brave Love to blog every day in September! I will be linking the post with her daily link up! I challenge you to participate in the blog-tember challenge.

Day 11: How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?

This Blog-tember post I feel like is very open ended. I feel as though I could answer this question in several different ways. I will try to answer it to the best of my ability.

So. How do I stay inspired? I feel like I always have SOMETHING I could be writing about. It comes down to planning the post and making sure that I do the craft or cook the meal ahead of time. When working on a blog you don’t realize how much work and how many steps go into completing a post. For the purpose of blogging everyday in September I am truly blogging everyday. I have learned TONS by blogging everyday. I have learned a lot about myself and the world of blogging. I try to keep my eyes and ears open to new and different ideas so when I do need to complete a blog post that I have content that is fun to write and interesting to my readers. Even if it is not completely my own idea I will then start with the idea going one way then run with it a completely different way. (If that makes any sense!)

Second question, Who inspires me the most? I could take this one of two ways and list the bloggers in which I follow and inspire me the most or friends and family around me that inspire me the most. I guess I will do both. To start off my immediate family inspire me. The events that happen in my daily life make we want to share what has happened and tell/show the world and my readers. My day to day life inspires me. Be it my job, my dogs, my busy life, or my students. Sometimes it is just a drive into school listening to the radio and I will hear something that will then spark a thought which will then lead to a blog post. In terms of my good friends and the blogging world I have a friend that I have grown closer with through learning about blogging and our weekly bible study. Check out her mom blog at When is Nap Time? I have another friend in which I have know since I was a young girl that started blogging a bit after I did she is an awesome writer and started her blog to become an awesome cook. Her recipes are AMAZING and her kids are even cuter. Be sure to check out her blog at Apples to Ziti. One of my good friends that has become a health coach has also started writing a blog to document the articles that she finds and also the allergen friendly recipes she cooks. You can read her blog at Road to Living Whole. 

Here are a list of bloggers I follow and read their posts on a regular basis:

Allisa Circle @ Diary of an Addict

Lindsey Cheney @ The Pleated Poppy

Corilynn@ Corilynn: Small World Big Style

Maggie @ Gussy Sews

Mandy @ Biblical Homemaking

Delia @ Delia Creates

Caroline @ Sew Caroline

I hope you will take the time to check out some of these AMAZING blogs if you don’t already follow them. I regularly am checking these blogs to see if they have new posts up.

Love and Peace

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Day Ten: Loving Yourself

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I am joining Brave Love to blog every day in September! I will be linking the post with her daily link up! I challenge you to participate in the blog-tember challenge. The prompt for today was a bit harder. I know that I am leaning to love myself. I know that I have positive qualities about me but, it is super hard to nail them down and write them on “paper.”

Day 10: List 10 things that you love about yourself! Let’s kick that negative self-talk outta here!

1. Being Tall! Even though at times this is not such a fun things over all this is a positive trait and quality I have.

2. Being a people person. I truly enjoy being around other people that I can talk with, work with, and enjoy their company.

3. Being crafty. I enjoy completing and working on crafts. I like to be creative and try new things in the crafting world.

4. Laughing loudly! I have a loud and to some annoying laugh but, I love to laugh. Even though others may not like my laugh it is what makes up ME!

5. I love to watch football! I am a girl that likes to watch football. My fiancé and I have a tradition of watching games together every Sunday.

6. Good with kids. I love working with kids hence why I decided to become a teacher. I want to one day have a family of my own to love on.

7. Not high maintenance.  I am a pretty low key girl. I am one to lay low and enjoy a night in with pizza and a movie.

8.  Caring. I am a caring person and want to know how other people are feeling or what hey are thinking. I try to help wherever  and whomever I can.

9. Glass half Full. Even when people are going through the hardest situations I try to always look on the bright side and try to help them have a positive attitude towards whatever they are going through.

10. Faithful. I have an amazing father God that gives me each breathing day here on earth. I thank him everyday that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14



Love and Peace

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Day Nine: Extrovert or Introvert

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I am joining Brave Love to blog every day in September! I will be linking the post with her daily link up! I challenge you to participate in the blog-tember challenge.

Day 9: Let’s talk personality types. Introverted? Extroverted? Unsure-troverted? 😉 If you know your Myers-Briggs type, tell us about it! If not, you can take a similar test and share your results.

So before taking any test I am going to write my personal opinion then take the test to see if I am correct! I feel as though when I talk with people I would tell them that I am extroverted. I like being spontaneous and taking risks. I am overall an outgoing and social person when I am comfortable with the people I am around. When I am in new or unsure settings I am pretty quiet person. I don’t know if that one quality makes me introverted. I am curious to see what the Myers-Briggs says about me.

So in taking the test it states that I am 50% in thinking and feeling and 33% is extrovert. I feel like these results are pretty accurate. I am female so I would assume that I would have high marks in the feeling category. Also as a teacher I feel like at times you have to either be an extrovert or put on the mask/act of being an extrovert. As I said earlier I am a people person and like working in a group setting rather then on alone. I do find that after a long day at work that I just enjoy laying low and staying home. Being one of 4 growing up we were always going or doing something. With all these bodies in my house you almost have to be an extrovert to have your voice heard!


What are you? Extrovert or Introvert?

Love and Peace

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Day Eight: Music

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I am joining Brave Love to blog every day in September! I will be linking the post with her daily link up! I challenge you to participate in the blog-tember challenge.

 Day 8: Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations!

Well this post is ALL about music. I love music! Loving music makes this post hard to write. I listen to several different kinds of music. When I am driving in my car I will often times switch the radio station when a commercial comes on. I listen to very contemporary current music and I also listen to Christian music. If I am sewing my bags you can normally find me listening to Pandora. My current favorite station on Pandora is the Pitch Perfect station. I am IN LOVE with the cups song. I LOVE a good male voice or songs that are preformed acapella. Growing up I sang in a “professional” choir. I sang in the local children’s choir for 9 years all the way through high school. I was able to travel several places overseas with the choir. When at church I LOVE singing the worship songs at the top of my lungs with hands lifted high! My current favorite song is “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift!

I am always on the look out for songs to add to my workout playlist! Any recommendations?

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Day Seven: To Read/To Be Read

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I am joining Brave Love to blog every day in September! I will be linking the post with her daily link up! I challenge you to participate in the blog-tember challenge.


Day 7: What’s on your current reading list? Or what have you read that you recommend?


Here is my list of recommended reads:Bridge

Christmas Letters by: Debbie Macomber

Bridge to Haven by:Francine Rivers

Until I Say Good-Bye  by:Susan Spencer-Wendel

Crash/Bang/ Gasp by: Lisa McMann (this is wonderful edge of your seat trilogy)

The Longest Ride by: Nicholas Sparks

The Selection/The Elite/ The One by: Kiera Cass

Where’d You Go Bernadette? by: Maria Semple

Kisses From Katie by:Katie Davis

Current Reading List:

I have a LIST of books that I would like to read. The list I feel like just keeps getting longer as new books come out. I made a goal for myself in January that I would read 50 books this year. The year is half way over and I am not even close to half way through the books! As I finish books I post pictures on my Instagram so be sure to follow @urbanannebags so you are in the know about what I am currently reading. Also, come back every Friday so join in on the Friday Reads Book Club link up!



Love and Peace

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