Letter to………


I am going to start something new and write a letter to someone or people in my life each week. I think this will get thoughts of thanksgiving and worry out of my brain and onto the web. So to start off this series I am going to write a letter in preparation for the start of school to my future students.

Dear Students,

I am excited and nervous for the first day of school. I am so excited to see all of your faces and hear all of your stories from your summer. I hope that you will succeed in your classes and that you will be able to earn every credit you deserve this year. I am sure that anything that you set your mind to you will accomplish. I have the “I CAN” motto and I want it to rub off on you. I believe each and everyone of you can but you just may have a few hurdles to get over. I would hope that in my class you will be able to get the bulk of your homework complete. I hope that I hear from other teachers how GREAT you are doing and that you are caught up. I have such high hopes and great ideas. I just hope you are as excited and ready to start this journey of school. 


Ms. Schumann

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