One Word, One Prayer #3

Here we are at week 3. I can’t believe that I have stuck with this for THREE weeks. I did not have to work today because we as a nation honored MLK today. I am a day late but have been thinking of the word I picked over the weekend and all day today. As the week comes to an end I start to think, observe, listen and pray about what my word should be for the coming week. This week I had a few words that I was deciding between. Here is how and why I came to my word this week of:


Anyone else see a trend with all these “B” words!!! As I sat in church on Sunday our pastor talked about being chosen and not just chosen but chosen first. I think back to when I was growing up when was I chosen???? Sitting in church I thought well we are all chosen we all belong in the church community and are chosen first by God. I think about the relationships around me and who I chose first or where I belong among the people I work with, live with, workout with and hang out with. I so badly wanted to belong somewhere when I was growing up. Now I find myself hoping I belong somewhere among the adults I encounter. Where do we belong? Are we picked first? Are we picked because of our looks? Our acts? Our personality? These are all questions that evoke thoughts within my. I will be praying this week that we all know that we belong and are pick first by our Heavenly Father. Until next time know that I will be praying for you.

Peace and Love

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Coffee Date Friday

coffee date
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If we were out for a coffee date today I would tell you that…………….

  • I had a pretty good week
  • I can’t wait for this 3-day weekend. There will be LOTS of sewing, knitting, and crocheting.
  • I am looking forward to getting my nails done this weekend.
  • I am currently reading “The Aviator’s Wife” by Melanie Benjamin. I am LOVING the book so far! It helps that the main character has the same name as I do.
  • I have been praying all week for babies in general! I am currently thinking and praying for what word I will focus on for next week.
  • I am slacking in my Pampered Chef business but LOVE to cook so I am itching to have a party so that I can cook and show how wonderful the tools I use in my kitchen are!
  • I am excited to see what this summer has in store. I know that is a LONG time away but, I have been getting several hits a day on my ETSY account and I would like to continue to list and expand the products that are in my shop.

Well that’s all for this week. I am linking up with Rags to Stitches for Coffee Date Friday!

Peace and Love

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One Word, One Prayer #2

So last week I started this fun journey of picking one word a week and just pray over that word. Last week my word was beauty and I felt, saw and experienced beauty throughout my week. As, I went through the week I felt this strong urge to pray over a specific word. Here is the background as to why I picked the word this week.

I am SOOOOO excited that my sister is pregnant and due with the first grandchild for my parents in June. I have another friend that found out she was pregnant and she is due right around the same time. There have been several people that I went to high school/college with that have brand new babies within the last few months. So I thought about it and decided that my word this week would be:


IMG_0190                                                   BABIES!!!

Unknown to me on Sunday I would meet a woman through a friend that has been pregnant 3 times. The first two of her babies she had to 21 weeks pregnant. They were unable to survive. They were also conceived through modern medicine. When I met this woman she had said that she was not feeling real well because she was just about 8 weeks pregnant. While talking with  us she then explained that she and her husband had conceived naturally. As I listened to her more I was curious and asked her some questions about if she had known what had happened with the last two pregnancies she openly shared that she had an incompetent cervix in which she will have to have sewn shut at 17 weeks. When I listened to her story and how blessed she was I felt compelled to tell her the story of my one word, one prayer plan. I had this strong feeling that God had put the word babies on my heart knowing that I would be meeting this woman this weekend. I am so blessed that I was able to meet this woman and to let her know that I will be praying for her unborn baby and her for the upcoming week.


Peace and Love

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One Word, One Prayer #1

I have been reading a wonderful book that I will blog about once I have finished reading it. In the mean time as I was reading the book (it is a christian based book) I had this strong feeling/urge to try something new that would stretch me for the new year. I have grown up in a Christian household and I love to serve other people and share the love of Christ. I have also been one that always had this plan to start a Bible study but never would follow through with the idea. Last night while reading the book I had a brilliant idea. There is a teacher at my work when she is aggravated by a student she has the word patience on her computer in which she will just rub to physically reminding herself to have patience. I remembered this and thought well as a teacher I am always looking at my computer screen what if I tie in something that would please God while I am at work. I have decided that every week on Sunday I will think of a person, thing, or word and I will write it on a piece of tape in which I will place on my computer so all throughout the week when I open my computer and see the tape I will say a quick prayer for the person or just about the word in general be it that the word would effect me or someone that needs it. I am so excited to try this out and I hope that throughout the process that it will bring me closer to the Lord but also help calm those around me or myself.

This week the word that is posted on my computer is “BEAUTY.” This word can be used to describe several things. I will pray about the word beauty for this week and see where God leads me. I can’t wait to post my words and if anything exciting happens throughout this prayer process.

Love and Peace

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