End of the Old, Start of the New

As we come to the end of 2013 I sit and think about all the goals I would like to accomplish in 2014. I have such high hopes of getting lots done that at times I think it is unattainable. As I have started following more people that craft regularly on instagram and their blogs I have been able to think outside the box and be more crafty/creative myself. I made an instagram just for my business so that I can post pictures of the craft projects I am making or that are completed to sell. This year was the first year that I have had custom orders to make for friends and family. I am so excited to see where my small handmade businesses will be in the next few years. Here is the start of my list of goals for 2014:


1. Read and document 50 books

2. Host at least 1 Pampered Chef Party per month

3. Every other month host a craft party

(Everyone pays to come to the party where they will make a craft project to take home!)

4. I would like to sell $500 in handmade craft goods!

This is just a rough start to the list of things I would like to accomplish in 2014 and I will slowly be adding to this list as we near the end of 2013!

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New Craft Projects

I have been so bad about updating this blog. I get so excited on topics to write about but then to find the quiet time just sit in front of my computer is rare. I have been crocheting away on these beautiful cowls and ear warmers (pictured above.) They are both listed for sale on my ETSY site.

Speaking of my ETSY site I am at a loss. I LOVE to craft and want so badly to make and sell something that I also enjoy making. I have been searching and trying to find my niche in the ETSY market but have been unable to find what sells and where my products fit in. I am trying to rethink how I operate my shop and have listed new items so that more people see my shop. I would love to be crafting full time as my job but I am unable to generate the sales I need. I have researched taking some class or paying for a mentor that would help me develop my brand/product but also give guidance and instructions on blogging. I am still just searching and just hoping one day everything will just click. I have been blessed because several people in my work place and through Facebook have seen what I create and have asked for custom projects for their children. I am so lucky that people will ask me and trust me to create something beautiful.

I am so excited about all the new and upcoming changes that are happening in my Pampered Chef business. I LOVE to cook and I hope that I inspire others to cook and join their families or friends around the dinner table.

School is almost out for Christmas break and I can’t wait to cook, knit, crochet and stay up late reading. I recently got a new IPhone, so be on the look out for some pictures of my life through the eyes of my camera phone!

Love and Peace

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