Coffee Date Friday!

So, as promised here I am on Friday for a “Coffee Date.” I follow this really cute blog where every Friday she holds a coffee date that is where a recap of the week happens. So here goes nothing!!!! If we were on a coffee date I would tell you that our football team is playing in the first round of playoffs tonight and I am so looking forward to watching my students play. I would also add that I was picked by not just one but TWO I tell you TWO students to wear their jersey for the school day on Friday. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have been really good this week and I have gone to the gym 3 times this week. I am sore but it is a good sore. I wanted to go tonight but I don’t want to strain my muscles. If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have a 3 day weekend which I am so excited about. I want to just relax and not have to think about school for a few days!

I have been reading this book called “A Million Little Ways” by Emily P. Freeman in my free time. I am LOVING this book. It is about finding the artist in you not in material ways but just in general. It is also about looking outside of you to observe the art around you more closely. One of my favorite quotes so far is ” When we live free, we are able to give freedom. When we live loved, we are able to give love. When we are secure, we are able to offer security” (21). I am reading this book very slowly but I am learning and underlining so much. I feel that this book really speaks to me. I love to craft with my hands but in the job of teaching I feel I am always being an artist about how I approach different students and different situations.

I love to craft! Through some pictures I have had an inspiration to crochet up some beautiful cowls. If you would like to order one please comment with your email address on this post. Each one is $40 which included US shipping. Below is a picture of what it looks like wrapped twice. It can also be worn long. I can make them in brown, black, white, cream, and taupe.

Peace and Love

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