Update on Goals!

Well here we are it is the end of OCTOBER and I am here to post an update on my goals.


(1) Blog at least once a week about ANYTHING!– I have not been doing this as I should be. I have started reading a book with an online book group so I am hoping to generate some posts that have to do with the WONDERFUL book. I also recently read a blog that did a “Coffee Date” on Friday’s. I think this will be a great way for me to get into the habit of updating my blog weekly.

(2) Finish knitting garment for myself– I recently went to Wisconsin for a trip and went to my FAVORITE knitting store there called “Cream City Yarn.” The store that I frequent in Arizona has closed so I don’t have a local knitting store that I enjoy going to anymore 🙁 Anyways, I bought a new pattern and I bought all the beautiful yarn to make a cardigan for myself. I had about 3 special orders recently so I had to get those completed and out first. I hope over Christmas break that I can work on and complete a sweater for myself.

(3) Get all IEP’s turned in within the month!- I have done pretty well with this goal. I have not had too many IEP meetings but the ones that I have had are ALMOST all turned in. I have one currently sitting on my desk that was an October meeting so I have only a few more days to stick with this goal!

(4) Do at least 6 Pampered Chef shows a month– This goal has been a bit harder. I have only been doing about 1-2 shows a month. I would really like to be doing more but it is just a matter of getting outside my group of friends and then start the chain reaction of hosting parties. I think for now I am happy with where I am at but, I would like to grow my business so then when I decide to stay home with children that I have a solid business already set up.

Recently, at a Pampered Chef meeting we were asked to think of one work that we would live by both in out personal life and in our work life. I picked the word: PRIORITIZE. I picked this word because often times I will do everything to avoid the task at hand then the work that needed to be completed doesn’t get done. For example currently I should be finishing up this BEAST of an IEP but instead I am typing and posting a blog post. Oh how I wish I could just snap my fingers and it would just magically be completed!

Well that’s all for now! I plan to be back Friday to link up with another blogger for a “Coffee Date.”

Peace and Love

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