NEW ITEMS coming soon to ETSY!

I am so excited that both the BF and I will be home for the weekend! We have both been traveling and for the past few weekends only one or the other is home or we have both left town! On another note, I have been reading a blog by Gussy Sews and she is writing for 31 days in October about the Handmade business. I have tried to read her posts daily so that I can start up my handmade business and be successful.

After reading some of her posts I have changed the items I have decided to make and post in my ETSY shop. I love to knit but I just don’t have the best turn around time if I am going to hand make each hat. Right now I only have hats listed that are already complete. I have decided that my shop with have any and all items that have to do with yarn and felt flowers. So this weekend I will be posting some new and exciting products to my page.

Here is a sneak peak at what will be soon listed on my ETSY site.

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Thinking of Christmas in October!

It has been awhile since I have written a post for this blog. I have several reasons to why I have been MIA. I have had a very stressful beginning to the school year. There are several new expectations for teachers that are all apart of our evaluation plus I am in a new and different position in which I am learning LOTS of new things. I have been reading books to better my ETSY business for be on the look out for new items that will be listed in my store. I have been traveling LOTS and will be posting in the next few days pictures and stories of my travels.

Why? Christmas in October? ARE YOU CRAZY! Well yes, yes I am! I love Christmas and I love giving gifts. I have tried to think of wonderful gifts for my sisters and also just for my family in general. I had a high school classmate post that she tried one year to give a gift to everyone of her family members that would in turn give back! I LOVED IT! I am thinking I will have to do the same this year.

Here are TWO of my favorite companies I have found!

Here is site number 1:

Saba Infinity


These are two examples of the CUTE scarves that are for sale. These are sustainably made and by you buying one you help someone in return!

Here is site number 2:

I LOVE these shoes and I think one day in the near future I should own a pair. Check out this website and see what great work is going on all for a pair of shoes and another woman’s livelihood.

Brown Sandal

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