School and Food

I know I know……. this is such a weird title. There is a reason! I have started the 2012-2013 school year. I am LOVING what I am teaching so far this year. I feel as though I am back in high school having to keep track of all the tests that are coming up. The other part of this title refers to a WONDERFUL book I am currently reading. The book is called “It Starts with Food.” I have found this book VERY informative. One of my good friend is becoming a health coach so she fills me in about all the ins and outs of food. I have been very interested in researching information on my own. This book has you take out all grains, dairy, and beans. Today, I cooked eggs for breakfast this morning with spinach and tomatoes. Then for lunch I had a large salad in which I made my own dressing and had strawberries. I then made a HUGE mistake and got a sweet italian ice for a snack. I now have a headache, guess I just need to follow the RULES! I am going to try to write in here more as I am getting the school year into a routine.

If you have any great recipes in which I could cook with the new life style change please fill me in!

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